Christian Anti-Abortion Activist Blows Off Roy Moore Accusers, Changes Topic To Abortion

Penny Young Nance, CEO of Concerned Women for America, a conservative evangelical anti-abortion group, repeatedly changed the subject to abortion when she was asked about accused child molester and Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore.

NPR host Steve Inskeep asked Nance if Moore is “worthy of being in the Senate” because six women have accused Moore of sexual misconduct when they were teens.

Thirty people have backed up the women’s accounts of Moore, one of which included attempted fape. Moore has denied all accusations.

Instead of answering the question, Nance parroted the Trump White House by saying it was up to the people of Alabama, and tried to change the topic to Moore’s opponent Democratic candidate Doug Jones and abortion:

I thin that’s a question for the people of Alabama, That’s what they’re going to decide tomorrow. Unfortunately, the Democrats could have won this handily if they had been willing to put forward a pro-life Democrat…

This is a terrible accusation that was held until a month before the election. I think there still needs to be due process. I think people in Alabama need to go forward looking at the allegations.

But what the people of Alabama are troubled by is the fact that Doug Jones supports abortion, even late-term abortion that requires dismemberment of a baby.

Inskeep noted that Jones would likely not agree with Nance’s claims, and disputed her unsupported claim that The Washington Post held the Roy Moore story until now. 

(Source: NPR, Photo Credit: Penny Nance/YouTube)

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