Christian Activist Worried Sen. Al Franken Could Be Replaced By Black Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison

Christian activist Gary Bauer is worried that Democrat Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota could be replaced by Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, who is a Muslim.

During a recent interview with American Family Radio, Bauer said that if Franken has to resign over alleged sexual misconduct the situation would be far worse because Ellison could be named to replace him, notes One News Now:

I think he is in trouble, I think, as conservatives, we shouldn’t applaud too loudly, however, because there’s already a movement afoot in Minnesota that if he is forced to resign, to replace him with Congressman Keith Ellison, who would be the first Muslim senator, and who has a long record – not of sexual harassment, but of being anti-Israel and anti-Semitic … and a follower of Malcolm X and the whole black Muslim movement.

After proclaiming his anti-Muslim bigotry, Bauer held out hope that Republican U.S. Senate Roy Moore would be elected despite sexual abuse allegations by nine women:

At this point it’s up to the people of Alabama. I see some signs that they don’t like being told by the Washington Post who to vote for, so I think he could still win the race.

Contrary to Bauer’s false claim, The Washington Post has only reported on the allegations by the women against Moore, and has not told the people of Alabama who to vote for.

(Source: One News Now, Photo Credit: c.berlet/ Commons)

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