Christian ‘Activist Mommy’ Claims Victory Over Teen Vogue: ‘We Will Destroy You’

Conservative evangelical Christian Elizabeth Johnston, a popular blogger who calls herself “The Activist Mommy,” is claiming victory because publisher Conde Nast is ending its print edition of Teen Vogue.

Conde Nast is also cutting 80 jobs, but may still publish special print editions of Teen Vogue, notes The New York Times.

Johnston uploaded a video in which she burned a copy of Teen Vogue and called on stores to stop carrying Teen Vogue because the magazine published a medically-sound article about anal sex in July.

Lacking any actual proof that her “Operation Pull Teen Vogue” boycott worked, Johnston claimed victory in an email to The Christian Post:

The publisher, Conde Nast, has shuttered the [Teen Vogue] print publication, while other Conde Nast publications will remain in print. Operation Pull Teen Vogue was a grassroots campaign by concerned parents who don’t believe anal sex and sex toys should be peddled to their children under the guise of a fashion magazine.

Teen Vogue editors Elaine Welteroth and Phillip Picardi ignored our concerns and mocked our campaign, but we gave them a black eye from which they never recovered. Let the watching world take note: If you pander obscenity to our kids, especially for a profit, we will destroy you.

There’s no proof that Teen Vogue was actually pulled by retailers because of Johnston’s boycott, but Johnston pushed her evidence-free claim:

I want to personally thank all the concerned parents who marched into your local stores and libraries and demanded Teen Vogue be pulled from the shelves. You are the real heroes today. I am honored to fight with you to provide a safer world in which to raise your precious children.

Johnston now claims that Cosmopolitan is accusing of trying to normalize incest by publishing an article titled “This Is What It’s Like to Fall in Love With Your Brother.” 

Johnston recently wrote in on Facebook: “Teen Vogue is out of the way but there are plenty of other disgusting magazines out there. Cosmo… you’re next! #PullCosmo.”

(Sources: The Christian Post, The New York Times, The Activist Mommy/Facebook, Photo Credit: The Activist Mommy/Facebook)

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