Christian Activist: Biblical Wristbands Will Stop Gun Violence In Schools

Pray Live, a division of the Maryland Prayer Center, claims the solution for gun violence in schools is for students to wear a red wristband with the Bible verse Luke 18:1: “…Always pray and not give up.”

Pray Live founder Wenda Royster explained in a press release how the red wristbands will work:

In a moment of intense prayer God said: “I need you to heal this nation by reminding school children and their parents that no matter what is going on around them, I am always there. Remember, only prayer changes behavior and things.”

So, I created wristbands for mass distribution across the Country to remind our children that God is there with them, and that prayer changes things.

We have produced a simple red wristband for K-12 with a prayer for students to wear by doing so prayer is in the schools while the bands are worn.

This is not about religion or denomination it is about how prayer changes things to include behavior.

There are critics who may say: “how is a rubber wristband going to protect my child from gun violence?” My response to that is you never hear about acts of gun violence happening at faith-based schools where the Word is taught, and prayer is prevalent.

The Friendly Atheist notes how that faith-based concept is patently false:

More than two dozen people were slaughtered in a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. A white supremacist killed 9 people in a church in Charleston, South Carolina. One criminologist found that there were 147 shootings in Christian churches between 2006-2016.

Royster also claimed that God had to be invited “back in our schools”:

So, we must take our pleas to a higher power, inviting God back in our schools, if we want to see real change in our schools.

(Sources: Pray Live/Christian Newswire, Friendly Atheist, Photo Credit: Pray Live/Facebook)

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