Christian Activist Abby Johnson — Who Supports Accused Serial Rapist Trump — Clams Biden is ‘Raging Pervert’ and ‘Has Dementia’

Christian pro-life activist Abby Johnson — who supports President Donald Trump despite 25 separate accusations of rape and sexual abuse — claimed on April 29 that former Vice President Joe Biden is a “raging pervert” and that he has “dementia.”

Johnson failed to offer any proof of her accusations, and went to claim without evidence that the Democratic Party has somehow pushed Biden to be the presumptive presidential nominee, and “exploited” and “manipulated” him.

Johnson claimed without evidence that Biden “is not well enough to be their nominee” and is “sick.”

She then noted them memes that attack Biden’s mental health are “funny,” but are “mean-spirited.” She then claimed Biden is a “pervert.”

Johnson falsely claimed with glee that liberals were not defending Tara Reade, a former Biden staffer who accused him of sexual abuse in 1993.

(Source: Abby Johnson/YouTube)

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