Chris Christie: Trump & Kushner Thought Firing Michael Flynn Would End Russia Investigation

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie told “Good Morning America” that President Donald Trump and Jared Kushner thought that firing Gen. Michael Flynn would put an end to the Russia investigation:

He said, “you know, Flynn’s the only guy who spoke to the Russians apparently, so I think this is going to end it ,” and I just laughed.

Mr. President, it’s unfortunate that I have to tell you this, but having done this myself for a living — we’re going to be talking about this on Valentines Day, February ’18.

And they laughed out loud, and Jared told me I was crazy. But they had no experience in government and no experience at this and what I was trying to do was help them and say, listen you guys need to get ready for a war.

(Source: Good Morning America)

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