Chris Christie Claims Trump’s Lies Are Just ‘Opinions’ By A Salesman

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie claimed that President Donald Trump’s lies are simply “opinions” and “hyperbole” from a salesman.

Christie made his bizarre double-speak claim while being interviewed by MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle at the SALT conference in Las Vegas:

He uses these words. He is a salesman. He is at core a salesman who uses hyperbole to try to convince people of his position.

“Sir, those are lies,” Ruhle interrupted.

Christie continued to defend Trump’s lying by calling his lies “opinion”:

Well, that’s what you say, Stephanie. Listen, that’s his opinion. An opinion can’t be a lie. That’s his opinion. I happen to disagree with his opinion. I told him disagree with his opinion.

Christie later called former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe a “proven liar.”

Ruhle called out Christie’s contradiction: “How come Andy McCabe can be a proven liar and President Trump could be a great salesman?”

Christie made the wild claim that Trump and McCabe were held to different standards:

Andy McCabe has been found by the independent inspector general of the Justice Department appointed by President Obama to have lied in the course of his job. The American people will decide whether they believe Donald Trump has been truthful or untruthful in the course of his job.

(Source: MSNBC)

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