Chicago Police Tase And Pepper Spray Dad, In Front Of His Kids, For Legally Filming Cops

Anna Morentin filmed Chicago police tasing and pepper spraying her husband, Angel Ramirez, who was legally filming a police stop at a gas station on July 4.

A police officer told Ramirez: “You’re interfering with our crime scene. Back away.”

After Ramirez backed away, the officers approached him and physically attempted to push him back further.

Ramirez responded: “Don’t touch me!”

Morentin shouted at the police: “You’re making my kid cry!”

A passenger in the family car shamed the police who put Ramirez on the ground in handcuffs: “What was he doing? He was recording. He wasn’t doing anything but recording.”

An officer responded: “He was in our crime scene. We asked him to step away three times.”

After Ramirez was handcuffed, one of the officers fired pepper spray in his face.

After being assaulted by the police, Ramirez was reportedly arrested for obstructing.

(Source: Anna Morentin/Facebook)

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