Chicago Police Raid Wrong Home During 4-Year-Old Boy’s Birthday, Cops Pull Guns On Kids

Chicago police officers violently raided the wrong home during a birthday party for a four-year-old boy on Feb. 10. The cops reportedly pointed guns at the children, used a battering ram on the door and shouted the F-word (more video below).

Seven-year-old Samari Boswell told WBBM what the police did at her four-year-old brother TJ Boswell’s birthday party:

They were saying F words and stuff. It was horrible.

Her mother Stephanie Bures said it was “horrible” and “unnecessary,” because the person who police officers were looking for hadn’t lived in the building for five years.

The family is planning to sue the Chicago Police Department, notes WBBM.

An adult relative, Kiqiana Jackson, told WBBM that she repeatedly asked the police to show their search warrant, and was handcuffed and taken outside into the cold:

I wanted to know why were they there. Who are you? Show us a search warrant. I asked for a search warrant, I guess, one too many times. And [the officer] was like,”Arrest her.”

WBBM reports: “The family said the warrant wasn’t turned over until after police searched the home, broke a big-screen TV, and made a mess of their entire apartment.”

The Chicago police, who have a history of botched raids and have refused to turn over records related to those raids, responded with a generic statement:

In all cases, CPD makes every effort to ensure the validity and accuracy of all information that is used to apply for and execute search warrants. Oftentimes this information comes from community sources and despite the vetting of material through a criminal court and the methodical process to authenticate addresses, errors can occur and we take them very seriously.

(Source: WBBM, WBBM/YouTube)

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