Chicago Police Kill Innocent Black Man Mistaken For Suspect, Cops Change Their Story

Chicago police shot and killed an innocent black man, Curtis Stagger, on May 28.

The cops were searching for a suspect wanted in the death of 15-year-old Jaylin Ellzey from earlier this year.

The cops encountered Stagger outside his home. The police claimed Stagger fired a gun, but then later claimedhe flashed a gun but didn’t fire, notes WGN-TV.

The police killed Stagger while he was inside his car. The cops claim a semi-automatic pistol was found in the car, but Stagger’s family doesn’t believe Stagger had a gun in his hand.

The person the police were trying to find was Tyreece Stagger, the younger brother of the dead man. Tyreece was taken into custody in mid-June, but was not charged with a crime, and was released.

After four months, the Civilian Office of Police Accountability is still investigating the shooting.

(Source: WGN-TV)

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