Chicago Police Handcuff, Slam Black Man Down For License Plate Light

Chicago’s Independent Police Review Authority recently released a police body cam from November 22, 2016, that shows police pulling Corey Williams out of his car at a gas station, shoving him down on the concrete and handcuffing him less than minute into the stop for allegedly not signally a left turn and having a broken license plate light.

The police searched Williams’ car and body, and falsely suggested to concerned bystanders that Williams could be a murderer.

Later, at the police station, a cop told Williams that he had a “mental health” problem, while Williams said the police were racially profiling him.

Williams told the cop he did not want to talk to him, a right that Williams is guaranteed under the Fourth Amendment, but the cop told Williams that they were going to talk about his mental health.

According to the Chicago Tribune: “Williams was charged with resisting arrest, a misdemeanor, and he was ticketed for not having a functioning license plate light, failing to use a turn signal, failing to show a valid driver’s license and failing to show proof of insurance. The criminal charge and the traffic tickets all were dropped the following month.”

A Chicago police spokesman said the cops in the video are still on full duty, but refused to comment on the incident because of a current investigation by the Independent Police Review Authority into the 9-month-old incident.

(Source: Chicago Tribune)

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  1. What they did is wrong, I’m Double Citizen from United States&Mexico they stop us but they just give us a warning to have lights in the back of the plates, but in his case he was not running or moving away he carry no gun, they should ask license and issuance but not take him out like that that’s actually discrimination for been African American,not all people are bad also not all Police are bad but this Cops they cross the line because there was not treat.


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