Chicago Police Drag Girl Down Stairs, Kick, Tase Her, Then Lie About It

Surveillance video has emerged of two Chicago police ifficers dragging a 16-year-old girl down a flight of stairs at Marshall High School, kick and tase her on Jan. 29.

A police officers claimed they were escorting the suspended girl, Dnigma Howard, off camopus when she “became irate and initiated a physical altercation with the officers”, but the video shows the officer was the aggressor, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

The girl’s attorney, Andrew M. Stroth, has filed a lawsuit against the Chicago Public Schools and officers Johnnie Pierre and Sherry Tripp. Stroth expressed his outrage to Buzzfeed News:

Once again the city of Chicago is facing a federal civil rights lawsuit based on the unjustified and unconstitutional actions of two officers. It’s a clear failure of the leadership of the city of Chicago, the Board of Education, and the Chicago Police Department when you have an unarmed 16-year-old girl without cause or provocation kicked, punched, beaten, thrown down stairs, and then tasered three times by the officers.

Both officers were removed from the school and reassigned.

The Chicago Police Department released a statement: “Due to the fact that this incident is currently under the jurisdiction of COPA for the purpose of an independent investigation, we cannot comment on the specifics of the incident or the investigation.”

(Source: Buzzfeed News, Chicago Sun-Times)

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