Chicago Hospital Does Not Allow Nurses to Wear Masks In Patients’ Rooms For Fear of Scaring Patients

An unidentified nurse told WBBM that a hospital in the Chicago area is not allowing nurses to wear protective masks for fear of scaring adult patients:

All of our masks at our hospitals are under lock and key and video surveillance… I’d like to wear it around the patients when I’m transporting patients; when I’m going into the patients’ room, and we are not allowed to wear our mask because it is deemed intimidating.

Why don’t you get your butts up and come and take care of these patients with us, and you’ll see how important is us for us to protect ourselves so we can protect the patients.

I’m going to wear my mask. So it’s either you see me with my mask on and let me protect myself, and my family, and patients, or you just won’t see me at all.

Illinois Public Health Director Dr. Ngozi Ezike was asked about this dangerous policy, and she responded with a vague word salad:

We don’t know if just being symptomatic is just enough to protect yourself. Those guidelines are going to affect our practices to determine if more people need PPE’s.

(Source: WBBM)

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