Chicago Cops Question Innocent Black Man For ‘Walking While Black,’ Bystanders Defend Man

Two police cars stopped near a sidewalk in Chicago to question a black man who was “walking while black,” according to witness Bryan Urióstegui, on March 26.

Urióstegui defended the black man and urged him not to allow the police to search his bag:

You don’t have to open up your book bag for them! You don’t have to do anything … ask them for a warrant, sir!

The black man allowed the police to search his bag, which yielded nothing.

The black man later told Urióstegui that the cop said he matched this description: “Black man, dark hat.”

Urióstegui posted video of the incident on Facebook with a caption:

Driving down S Cicero Ave we see this cop bust a U-turn and stop this black man who was just walking down the street jamming out. I felt the need to record and have his back.

Unfortunately my gut was right because the only thing this man was guilty of was WWB (Walking While Black). The cop even says “I don’t know if you were there or not” but still asks him for ID and to open his backpack. A clear violation of his rights. I hate that this STILL is a reality for people of color.

The Chicago Police Department has not issued a statement.

(Source: Bryan Urióstegui/Facebook)

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