Chaplain Tells Georgia Legislature 70% Of Residents Are ‘On Their Way To Hell’

Republican Georgia State Rep. Trey Kelley asked his father, Doyle Kelley, to deliver an invocation to the state legislature where Doyle announced — without proof — that 70 percent of the people living in Georgia were “on their way to hell.”

The Friendly Atheist transcribed the controversial invocation:

People always ask me, “Why is there so many lost people in the state of Georgia?” The statistics came out that there’s 70% of the people in the state of Georgia that are lost. That are lost. 70%.

There’s over 10 million people in the state of Georgia. That means there’s 7 million people lost.And you want to hear it in Baptist terms? 7 million people that are lost are dying and on their way to Hell. That’s what that means.

Democratic Georgia State Rep. Josh McLaurin responded with a letter to House Speaker David Ralston’s legal counsel, notes the Atlantic Journal-Constitution:

On their face… these comments appear to fall outside the boundaries established by the U.S. Supreme Court for constitutional legislative prayer. The Supreme Court’s Establishment Clause jurisprudence allows an exception for legislative prayer like the kind conducted in the House of Representatives each day of session, but constitutional problems arise when there is an indication “that the prayer opportunity has been exploited to proselytize or advance any one, or to disparage any other, faith or belief.

(Sources: The Friendly Atheist, Atlantic Journal-Constitution)

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