Chained Monkey Kicks Off Soccer Game, Outrage Follows

A Japanese soccer team, Cerezo Osaka, has caused outrage among animal lovers by forcing a chained monkey to kick off a recent game against Vissel Kobe at Kincho Stadium in Osaka, Japan

A small macaque monkey was dressed in a Cerezo Osaka costume, and led onto the field by a handler.

The monkey was coaxed into performing some ball tricks before giving the ball to referee Hiromu Kimura, notes the Daily Star.

Several Twitter users were outraged:

I felt sick watching this. Japan – a beautiful and diverse country – remains at the opposite end of the scale to Britain as far as modern animal care and cruelty is concerned.

They need to wake up, or allow monkeys to tether their populace around the neck.

I hope he bites as soon as that leash comes off.

Absolutely disgusting. Makes me sick watching that.

(Source: Daily Star)

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