Focus on the Family Gives Kirk Cameron’s Debunked Film ‘Monumental’ a Perfect Score

Focus on the Family recently gave a perfect score to Kirk Cameron’s pseudo-documentary ‘Monumental’ which was debunked by numerous sources.

In the film, Cameron glosses over how the founding fathers considered African Americans, Native Americans and women to be inferior and endorsed slavery, racism, and discriminatory and violent treatment of women. He also neglects to mention that in Plymouth religious liberty was nonexistent and religious dissenters were mercilessly persecuted. For instance, people were not allowed to become Quakers or even give aide Quakers and Quakers were even executed by the colony’s government.

The film gives the impression that the Founders had the same religious convictions and beliefs in the role of religion in government as the Pilgrims. Never mind that more than a few of the Founders were members of the Church of England, the very same church that Cameron noted persecuted the Pilgrims.

The movie includes warnings about secular government and democracy run amok, with one guest repeating the myth that Adolf Hitler was a democratically elected dictator.

Chris Rodda, a Senior Research Director for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), prepared a short video, titled “Monumental” Lies, which proceeds to debunk a number of Barton’s claims that Cameron believes.

When contacted by NewsVideoClip.TV, Focus on the Family did not defend their review of the film, but rather offered a defense for the slave-owning founding fathers.

(Source: Focus on the Family and

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