CBS News’ Margaret Brennan & Rep. Mark Meadows Falsely Claim US Law Forces Separation Of Immigrant Families

CBS News host Margaret Brennan and Republican Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina falsely claimed on “Face The Nation” that there is a law that forces immigrant children to be taken away from their parents when they seek asylum or illegally enter the country.

In reality, this is a new policy put into place by the Trump administration, noted POLITICO on May 7:

The Trump administration will more frequently separate families at the southwest border under a new policy announced Monday. The Homeland Security Department will refer “100 percent of illegal southwest border crossings“ to the Justice Department for prosecution under a federal statute that prohibits illegal entry, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Monday.

Prior to Trump’s new policy, immigrants families were kept together by a civil removal process, per the Department of Justice.

Trump falsely claimed on Twitter there was a “horrible law” that forces immigrant children to be separated from their parents on May 26.

Brennan quoted the false claim made by Trump about the non-existent law and asked Meadows is he wanted to change the non-existent law on May 27:

I want to ask you as well about immigration because we could talk all day about the other topic. The president tweeted yesterday that it’s a horrible law to have parents separated from their children if they cross the border illegally. Do you agree it’s horrible?

Meadows falsely claimed the “horrible law” existed:

Yeah I think it is a horrible law. It’s one of those that actually—

Brenna asked Meadows about changing the non-existent law:

Do you want to change it?

Meadows claimed there is “real bipartisan support” for changing the non-existent law.

(Sources: POLITICOCBS News via YouTube, Donald Trump/Twitter, Department of Justice)

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