Hawaii Mom Screams, Curses in Road Rage Incident

A Hawaii mother is being investigated by police after a road rage incident in which she was involved went viral yesterday, KITV 4 reports.

In the video, Kimberly Ong can be seen chasing down Ryan Arakaki in her Honda minivan, honking her horn and repeatedly cutting him off.

Even though Arakaki knew that filming while behind the wheel was illegal, he recorded the encounter because he wanted to document the incident.

Arakaki admitted that he was stopped at a light behind her, and when she didn’t move after the light turned green, he drove around her.

“She wasn’t paying attention, so I changed lanes to get in front her,” he told KITV 4. “She probably looked up, stepped on the gas, and almost rear-ended me and was probably pretty upset.”

After she angrily pulled aside Arakaki’s car and yelled at him, she sped off the next stop sign, where she promptly stopped her vehicle, stuck her arm out the window, and flipped Arakaki off.

While stopped, Ong continued to shout abuse Arakaki until he honked his horn, at which point she exited her vehicle and approached his.

“You think you’re so fucking funny?” she asked. “When you cut me off, I almost fucking wrecked you asshole! Film that!” she shouted, before attempting to grab Arakaki’s phone.

“Don’t touch me!” he replied.

“You’re the one who almost caused a wreck!” she shouted, before flipping him off.

“Fuck off, you fat ass! Fatty! I’ll fuck you up! Fat ass!” As Arakaki drove up, Ong sang, “Go fat boy, go fat boy go! Go fat boy, go fat boy go!”

Ong said it was Arakaki’s fault, and that her son agreed. “Even my son said, ‘the guy started it.’ My son was also upset, we were both in shock that he tried to reverse and crash us.”

“I was super, super angry,” she told KITV. “I really was angry. And, of course, he was taunting me somewhat. So, that obviously made me even more angry. I’m not the most happy about it. But, I could have probably chose some better words to use. I was upset and it’s apparent. I don’t totally 100 percent regret it.”

(Source: RawStory.com)

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