Catholic Speaker Tells Public School Students ‘Safe Sex Isn’t Safe’

Jason Evert, a Catholic author and speaker, reportedly told more than 300 public school students at Industrial High School in Vanderbilt, Texas that “safe sex isn’t safe,” and boys should “only date a girl if you can see yourself marrying her” on Nov. 5.

The abstinence-only Evert also warned kids about “porn, sex before marriage, sexually transmitted diseases and birth control.” notes the Victoria Advocate.

Evert advised the girls on modesty: “You don’t have to look frumpy; look classy.”

He instructed the girls to buy a white candle (to represent their virginal vaginas), and save it for their wedding night: “The longer the girl waits for sex, the happier she’s going to be.”

Evert warned the boys against “lust” and porn, which he said is “the best way to shoot your future marriage in the head.”

Evert  added: “If you trash the porn tonight, you’ll be faithful to your bride before you ever lay eyes upon her.”

Evert takes anti-LGBTQ stances on his website, and has been accused of making medically inaccurate claims.

Principal Jim Green approved Evert’s talk, but said he didn’t know who paid for it.

Barbara Sides, the assistant principal, said the funding came from an anonymous donor, which she supported without question:

If someone walks in and wants to donate $500 to the school, I’m not going to question it.

(Sources: Victoria Advocate,

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