Carolina Panthers Player Eric Reid Kneeling At Games, NFL Responds With Repeated Drug Tests: Report

Carolina Panthers’ safety Eric Reid has kneeled during the National Anthem this year — to protest police brutality and racial injustice — despite the reported efforts by the NFL and the Players’ Coalition to stop him from peacefully protesting (video below).

On Nov. 8, Reid  was ejected during the game for a hit on Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, and then Reid was subjected to a drug test.

In response, Reid told reporters it was his fifth drug test this season:

This is like the fifth time since I’ve been here … They’re not going to catch me on anything.

The Big League notes the chances of that many random drug tests for one player are astronomical:

The chances of being picked exactly three times in six games is slightly under 5 percent and the odds of exactly four or more in six weeks–which is what Reid would be at if his claim is correct–is around 0.5 percent…

It’s possible it just happens to be a coincidence that it’s happening to him, one of the most outspoken defenders of Colin Kaepernick and kneeling during the national anthem.

After Reid made an interception in the Panthers’ recent victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he was asked by ESPN Radio, if he was happy, and replied:

I’m happy to be able to help the Panthers win, but until (Kaepernick) gets back in the league, I can’t be wholly happy.

Kaepernick thanked reid for his support on Twitter:

Reid told reporters on Oct. 28, 2018, that the NFL was using Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins, head of the Players’ Coalition, and the Players Coalition to stop players from protesting.

The Players Coalition reportedly accepted about $90 million from the NFL in 2018 in a “social justice partnership” to stop protesting, which Reid opposed. Reid told reporters that Jenkins tried to pay him off to stop protesting:

Malcolm called and asked me if I would stop protesting — ‘be comfortable ending my demonstrations’ were his words — if the NFL made a donation to the Players Coalition. I tried not to blow a gasket and tell him no. Then he asked me, “Well how much? How much will it take for you to stop?”

So I ended that conversation with him. I told the other players who were involved with the coalition the content of our conversation. We then removed — a couple players, myself and I think three or four others removed ourselves from the Players Coalition via tweet.

That Sunday Malcolm stopped protesting. I think he said something along the lines, I think it’s time for everybody to stop protesting. And he didn’t protest the rest of the year.

(Sources: Andrew Hawkins/Twitter, Colin Kaepernick/Twitter, Bridget Condon/Twitter, NFL, The Big League, Marcel Louis-Jacques/Twitter)

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