Carjacking Suspects Shocked To Discover Dash Cam Is Recording Them

Metro Nashville Police officials released a dash cam video that shows two carjacking suspects making their getaway, but freaking out when they realize they’re being recorded by the vehicle’s dash camera.

After the suspects found the dash cam, they tossed it out the window, which was a huge mistake as the video was recovered from the dash cam.

The victim, John Scoggins, told WTVF how his car was stolen:

I was walking out and I heard somebody say to empty everything out of my pocket, and I turned around and had a gun in my face.

John and his wife, Satena, are Uber drivers and bought the dash cam for safety purposes.

Salena recalled purchasing the camera for their Kia:

It was the best $108 I’ve ever spent. Just for any reason we wanted to make sure we were always covered.

We don’t have much but that car was everything. We have nothing now so we will have to depend on an Uber or Lyft to get us around.

Fortunately, the Kia was found at an apartment building on May 25, but the suspects were not with it.

Police are hoping someone recognizes the careless duo.

(Source: WTVF)

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