Candace Owens Flies Black People in for White House Super-Spreader Event, Trump Only Speaks 18 Minutes

Right wing activist Candace Owens flew black people in for President Donald Trump’s super-spreader event on the South Lawn of the White House, reports ABC News (VIDEO BELOW).

During his brief 18-minute speech, Trump falsely claimed that COVID-19 is “disappearing.”

Owens reportedly told her BLEXIT group via email they had to bring a mask to the event, but were not required to wear it, despite the pandemic at the White House over the past two weeks.

Owens’ BLEXIT group was also planning a demonstration at the Black Lives Matter Plaza to show “support for law enforcement.”

Owens announced the “anti-Black Lives Matter event” on her Instagram page where she complained about “fake white supremacy narrative.”

(Sources: ABC News, Candace Owens/Instagram, C-SPAN via Twitter)

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