Canadian Shopper Goes on Racist Rant Over Liquor Store’s Mask Policy

An unidentified man was filmed having a racist meltdown inside the Olympia Liquor store in Edmonton, Canada, on Aug. 2.

The older white man threw his racist tantrum over the store’s policy of required mask wearing, which slows down the deadly coronavirus and saves lives, notes the Edmonton Journal:

Canadians are the nicest f*cking people in the world, and your belief system is not better than our f*cking lives.

Navdeep Singh, a store supervisor, reportedly told Postmedia that he kicked the man out of the store:

I was about to say that sir, please wear a mask, but he didn’t say anything, he just started yelling at me. He said, if you’re going to wear this thing, I’m not going to shop at this store, I’m going to leave it. I said, “OK sir, the exit is the other way.” Then he kept going on for no reason.

Singh recalled the moment when the man insulted his appearance: turban and long beard:

It was racist, but I think he has some issues … otherwise there is no way he could enter the store and start yelling at me. But I don’t really care about those things. I don’t care because every day I meet more nice people than (this) one person.

(Sources: Edmonton Journal, Postmedia, Luc Tremblay via Twitter)

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