Canadian Dad Tries To Scare Australians About Gay Marriage

While Australia is polling its citizens about their position on same-sex marriage, Canadian dad Steve Tourloukis appears in a video to warn the Aussies about the supposed dangers of gay marriage.

One of the perils that Tourloukis mentions in the video, produced by the anti-gay Coalition for Marriage, is LGBTQ-inclusive schools, which he filed a lawsuit over in Canada:

This lawyer mentioned same-sex marriage repeatedly in her arguments for why my kids should be exposed to what I consider to be indoctrination. She said, “In this era of legalized same-sex marriage, Christian students should be required to celebrate homosexuality in the schools because tolerance is not enough anymore.”

According to ThinkProgress, Tourloukis doesn’t mention that he lost his lawsuit in Canada because the court ruled that an inclusive learning environment did not interfere with Tourloukis’s ability to teach his kids his Christian values.

ThinkProgress notes: “There is nothing to suggest that any kid is being forced to ‘celebrate’ homosexuality.”

(Source: ThinkProgress, Coalition for Marriage/YouTube)

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