Campus Cop Whines After Being Fired For Having ‘KKK Member’ in Her Twitter Bio

A University of South Florida police officer, Presley Garcia, was fired because she had “KKK Member” in the bio of her now-deleted Twitter account, notes the Tampa Bay Times.

Garcia was placed under investigation in July after a BayNews 9 reporter questioned the campus police department about her Twitter account “@presleyyyg.”

Garcia claimed a friend put KKK in her Twitter bio in 2015, and she did not know what it meant even though she was 21-years-old.

Garcia said she feels let down by the campus police department for not backing her, and insists that she is not a racist and condemns racism and the KKK.

There’s all the talk of “Back the Blue,” but not one person had my back. I feel helpless and like I’m drowning. No one was willing to just listen to my story, and I feel like the university was just trying to cover their butts. … That’s not something I believe in. That’s not how I was raised.

USF Police Chief Chris Daniel recommended Garcia be fired (in a letter) because her social media activity could result in harm to the department’s image:

If, despite her self-indicated alignment with the KKK, Officer Garcia were to continue her employment as a law enforcement officer, it is reasonable to expect protests and other demonstrations that could disrupt operations of this department and threaten the safety of her co-workers.

This concern is of particular importance given the activities occurring on a local and national level. Since the incident involving George Floyd, dissident members of the community have targeted law enforcement officers, their departments, their families and their homes.

(Source: Tampa Bay Times, Photo Credit: Presley Garcia/Facebook)

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