Cambridge Analytica’s Work For Trump May Have Violated US Election Laws

The UK’s Channel 4 News has revealed that the data firm Cambridge Analytica may have violated U.S. election law by coordinating actions between the pro-Trump “Make America Number 1” super-PAC and the Trump campaign in 2016.

Channel 4 News reports:

Coordination between an official election campaign and any outside groups is illegal under U.S. election law. Cambridge Analytica deny wrongdoing, insisting a strict firewall separated out their activity and that they were transparent about their work on political campaigns and PACs.

In an undercover video filmed by Channel 4 News, Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix brags how his company “did all the research, all the data, all the analytics, all the targeting” for the Trump campaign.

Cambridge Analytica executives admitted in the video that they used funding from the Make America Number 1 super-PAC to make an anti-Clinton ad while also delivering analytics to the Trump campaign.

(Sources: Channel 4 News/YouTube)



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