Calls For Boycott As CVS Caremark Is Accused Of Cutting Birth Control Coverage For Women

CVS’ prescription insurance arm, CVS Caremark, is reportedly cutting reimbursement rates for mail order birth control pills that are prescribed by the Pill Club.

Business Insider notes: “Pill Club patients who get prescriptions covered through CVS Caremark are an important part of the startup’s business.”

The online Pill Club alerted customers of the news:

CVS Caremark’s proposed payment changes threaten Pill Club’s ability to serve members. Pill Club members with pharmacy coverage through CVS Caremark are at risk of their birth control access being disrupted.

The Pill Club is calling on “CVS/Caremark to honor our current contract and the payment rates that were in place until July 5.”

The hashtag #CVSDeniesCare went viral on Twitter where women are posting videos about the reported cuts/

The $77 billion company has not issued a statement.

(Sources: Pill Club, Business Insider, Emily/Twitter, Photo Credit: Nate Grigg/Flickr)

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