California Woman Refuses to Wear COVID-19 Safety Mask Inside Store and Goes on Profane Rant

A woman went on a profane rant inside a Crossroads Trading clothing store in Costa Mesa, California, after the store employees and manager told her she had to wear a COVI-19 safety mask while shopping.

In a video shot by the woman herself (and reposted on Twitter), she claimed to have an unidentified “medical condition” that somehow prevented her from wearing a face mask.

The woman warned an employee, “I have you on video — for the law.”

California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued an order this week that requires all people wear face masks outside their homes because of the COVID-19 rebound.

The woman told the female manager she was “breaking the law” by asking her to wear a mask.

After the manager kindly offered her a free mask, the woman walked outside the store and went on a profane rant:

The whole f*cking point is to not wear a mask! Costa Mesa psychos — sheep! — want to make sure that nobody can walk in without wearing a mask even though there’s no f*cking virus even affecting anyone, because they’re all f*cking liberals!

(Source: Twitter)

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