California Trump Supporter Harasses Elderly Women

An unidentified Trump supporter has been harassing elderly women who have been peacefully protesting out Republican Rep. Tom McClintock’s office every Tuesday and Thursday for about a month in Roseville, California.

However, the elderly women have recently been met by a group of anti-protesters, including one man wearing a “make America Great Again” hat who calls the ladies “scumbags,” personal insults and gay slurs.

KOVR reported the story, but blurred the man’s face in an apparent effort to protect his identity and spare him public scorn.

Richard Martin, a man who lives nearby the office, told the news station that he has heard the insults flung at the peaceful protesters:

Ninety-five percent of them are elderly women, probably 65 years or older, and they’re literally just peacefully protesting, standing on the street holding signs and they are being physically and verbally harassed.

(Source: KOVR)

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