California Teacher — Who Threatened to ‘F*cking Kill’ Girl and Mom Who Support George Floyd — Now Offers Generic Apology to ‘Anyone’

A second-grade teacher, Carrie Maxwell, has offered a generic apology to “anyone” for threatening to “f*cking kill” an eight-year-old girl and her mother, Erika Baze, in Bakersfield, California on June 5 (VIDEO BELOW).

Baze and her daughter were returning from a Black Lives Matter rally when Maxwell started threatening them: “I will f-ing kill you!” notes KKTV.

Maxwell was physically restrained by her shirtless husband while Baze filmed and reassured her crying daughter.

Maxwell, who teaches at Wayside Elementary, was also filmed shouting at other protesters as they walked by on the sidewalk.

Bakersfield City School District Superintendent, Doc Ervin, announced that there is an investigation into Maxwell’s behavior, reports KBAK.

Maxwell released a statement through her lawyer, Kyle Humphrey, in which she offered a generic apology to “anyone” for her behavior: “I want to offer my sincerest apology to anyone who was hurt by my behavior in that video.”

Maxwell, who had to be physically restrained by her husband, claimed she acted out of fear:

When I heard protesters gathering near my home, loudly chanting profanities, I became overwhelmed with anxiety and fear.

(Sources: KKTV, KBAK, KGET/YouTube)

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