California Sheriff — Who Mocked Stay-at-Home Orders — Changes His Tune After COVID-19 Cases and Deaths Rise in His County

Merced County Sheriff Vernon Warnke mocked California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s stay-at-home orders to slow the spread of COVID-19 in a May 16 posting on Facebook:

Nobody has the right to dictate what risks I’m going to take when I leave my house and this includes an elected governor. If I go to a business and I feel that the risk is to high, I can make a choice whether or not to do business there. And this includes getting a haircut or getting a routine dental checkup…

I truly believe that Governor Newsom’s motivation is to have the majority of the citizens (and illegal residents) dependant on governments assistance so he could maintain this control once this “pandemic” is declared over. This is being caused based upon a crisis he himself has caused in this state based on a declared pandemic on a virus that should have been dealt on a completely different level. The CURE should not be worse than the disease...

So, the answer you are looking for is this. I WILL NOT be taking any enforcement action in this county for any of the COVID-19 “violations”… The citizens themselves can make informed decisions on how to proceed and protect their lives and livelihood and not the Governor of a state.

The Los Angeles Times notes that Warnke changed his tune in a Facebook video on July 2 — after the body count increased and COVID-19 cases more than quadrupled in Merced County — in which he warned about the coronavirus, closed three local parks, told residents to wear masks and practice social distancing:

Wear your masks, do your social distancing, wash your hands. … Please take it seriously.

(Sources: Merced County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook, Merced County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook, Los Angeles Times, California Department of Public Health, Merced County)

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