California Police Shoot And Kill Unarmed Suspect, Witnesses Call Cops ‘Murderers’

Police were filmed while they shot and killed an unarmed suspect in Tulare, California, on March 12.

A cell phone video shows an officer running after the suspect, a tussle between the two and then a second officer arriving on the scene. The officers tried using a Taser and pepper spray before fatally shooting the unarmed suspect; it’s unclear whether one or both officers fired.

The witnesses, who filmed the cell phone video, called the police “murderers.”

Tulare Police Sgt. John Hamlin told KFSN:

I know our 911 system was so overloaded they were having to hang up on people because they had so many calls about our officers in a fight with this guy.

Police claim that officers were responding to the assault of a bus driver when they saw a man matching a suspect’s description: 27-year-old Jontell Reedom.

Hamlin said when police tried to talk to Reedom, he tried to fight them.

The suspect became combative. At that point in time, the officers put out that there had been shots fired.

One witness, who said he was about 30 feet away, recalled the incident:

I didn’t see [Reedom] produce a weapon. I didn’t hear an officer say “drop the weapon” or anything like that. All the sudden, I see this officer pulls out his firearm and just “pow pow pow” four or five times.

Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux said his department was asked to investigate the shooting by Interim Tulare Police Chief Barry Jones.

(Source: KFSN)

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