California Police Beat Black Man, Break His Leg Over Tinted Windows

The City of Pasadena, California, released six police body cam and dash cam videos on Dec. 14 of two unidentified police officers beating a black man and breaking his leg  while arresting him at a gas station on Nov. 9.

City of Pasadena Spokesman William Boyer told KCBS that Christopher Ballew was stopped by police because his car was missing a front license plate and its windows were illegally tinted.

Ballew told Pasadena News Now that his leg was broken by a police baton while he was laying on the pavement. He also suffered a wound to his forehead when the cops pushed his face into the concrete.

While being arrested, Ballew repeatedly asked the cops, “Where is your commanding officer?” but the police refused to answer.  The officers screamed profanities while commanding  Ballew to give them his hands.

It’s not clear if Ballew resisted or was not able to give the officers his hands because they were on top of him.

One officer reportedly hit Ballew with three “compliance strikes,” while the second officer sucker punched Ballew.

Ballew was arrested on suspicion of assault on a peace officer as well as several misdemeanors, but the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office refused to prosecute Ballew on any charges.

City Manager Steve Mermell acted as if he was doing the public an amazing favor by releasing the videos, but failed to mention a civilian had previously released a video of the incident on Facebook:  “While the City is not obligated or required to release such the recordings … I believe doing so is in the best interest of the City and that of the public,” notes Pasadena News Now.

(Sources: Pasadena News Now, KCBS)


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