California Pilot Threatens To ‘Deport’ Chinese Student Legally In US: Report

A pilot, Jonathan McConkey, and his assistant, Kelsi Hoser, were arrested on charges of kidnapping after they allegedly detained and threatened to deport a Chinese student in Redding, California.

A voice reportedly identified as McConkey, an instructor at IASCO Flight Training school, was caught on audio threatening the student, Tianshu Shi:

You’re in my f*cking custody right now. Do you know what that means? I will forcibly remove your a** from here. Your a** is leaving now. Let’s f*cking go…. Hey, listen to me, I got your f*cking passport.

You’re leaving now. I’ll break your f*cking arm. You better believe I’m f*cking threatening you. The United States government needs you out of this country right now, do you understand?

According to CBS News, Shi called his brother Baihan Fu who contacted the police who found McConkey, Hoser and Shi at the airport.

McConkey and Hoser were placed under arrest.

(Sources: CBS NewsCNN via YouTube)

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