California Man Uses City Car To Block Mom & Scream At Her

An employee of Pasadena, California, used his city car to block a mother and child in their car in order to scream at them.

The man shouted, “You need to learn how to drive!” while walking near his city car that says  “Building & Safety” on it, notes KCBS.

A woman, who recorded the incident, told the man: “Bro, chill out.”

The angry man responded:

Why don’t you chill out? I just almost rammed into her car, and all the stuff on the inside of my car is damaged.

The mom who was driving the car countered: “I’m not from here,” and the man fired back:

I don’t care where you’re from. Wherever you live, you gotta know how to drive. You’re driving a vehicle, aren’t you?

The mom replied: “I didn’t know you had to be so rude and mean.”

The man said he could do whatever he wanted but a witnessed told him otherwise:

Um, you cannot. Just because you have a Building and Safety….You’re not the f*cking cops.

The man refuses to move his vehicle for several minutes before two security officers arrived.

The woman, who recorded the incident, told KCBS:

At the end of it, once he finally left, like, both she and her daughter teared up. She aplogized. It’s like he wouldn’t stop being patronizing.

A City of Pasadena spokesperson confirmed the man is their employee, but claimed the public incident was a personnel matter.

(Source: KCBS)

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