California Cops Shoot 76 Times, Through Their Own Windshield, To Kill Mentally Ill Man With BB Gun

Newly-surfaced video shows police shooting 76 times at a mentally ill man inside a car in Anaheim. California on July 21, 2018.

Officers Sean Staymates and Kevin Pederson were filmed on their own body cameras in a wild pursuit of 50-year-old Eliuth Penaloza Nava, notes CNN.

Nava’s family members made the mistake of calling 911 and saying he was on some sort of drug “hallucinating” and acting erratically.

When Staymates and Pederson arrived at the scene, Nava was sitting in a pick-up truck parked in front of his parents’ house. The officers pointed their guns at Nava –who had not committed any crime — and demanded he exit the pick-up truck.

The hallucinating man started the pick-up truck and drove off. Police claim that Nava pointed what appeared to be a black semi-automatic pistol out of the window in their direction; it was actually a CO2-powered BB gun.

Even though Nava drove away, the police report claimed: “Officers Pedersen and Staymates both feared Nava was going to shoot and kill them.”

The scared officers pursued Nava, and proceeded to execute him.

According to the police report, Pedersen fired his handgun 64 times, while Staymates fired 12 shots from a rifle through the windshield of their police cruiser in a residential neighborhood, putting innocent people at high risk; Nava was hit nine times, and died.

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office defended the imaginations and emotions of the officers: “Both Officer Pedersen and Officer Staymates were justified in believing that Nava posed a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to both officers and to others.”

(Source: CNN)

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