California Cops Kill Rapper Who Fell Asleep In His Car At Taco Bell

Police in Vallejo, California shot and killed 20-year-old rapper Willie McCoy (stage name was Willie Bo) who fell asleep inside his car at a Taco Bell drive-thru on Feb. 9.

A Taco Bell employee called police to let them know a black man was sleeping in his car while waiting for his food. Police arrived to make a welfare check, which turned deadly, notes KBCW.

The Vallejo Police Department said that McCoy was executed after he allegedly reached towards his gun while waking up: “The officers told the driver to keep his hands visible, however the driver quickly reached for the handgun on his lap. In fear for their own safety, the officers discharged their weapons at the driver.”

Marc McCoy, Willie’s older brother, told The Guardian that the police acted as judge, jury and executioner:

There was no attempt to try to work out a peaceful solution. The police’s job is to arrest people who are breaking the law – not take the law into your own hands. You’re not judge, jury and executioner … We’re never going to get over this.

Police are trained to shoot first and hurt you first. They do not respect black people. Even when they have a person subdued and their life is not in danger, they continue to be blatantly physically disrespectful. That is just accepted in America.

David Harrison, McCoy’s cousin, echoed that sentiment in starker language:

No one trusts the police in Vallejo. We are being targeted… Police have a campaign of executing young black men who fit a certain profile. Willie dressed the part. He represents hip-hop music. They are profiled.

(Sources: The Guardian, KBCW via YouTube)

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