California Cops Kick Man In Face While Holding Him Down, Lawsuit Follows

Newly-surfaced body cam and dashboard videos show Fresno County Sheriff’s Deputies holding down and kicking Richard Bernier during an arrest in November 2017 in Fresno, California.

Police claim Bernier was suspected of DUI and ran from officers as they attempted to apprehend him in front of his house.

After the beating and arrest, prosecutors dropped the charges against Bernier.

However, after Bernier filed a government claim indicating he was suing over the injuries, prosecutors brought up new charges against Bernier, notes KPSN.

An attorney who represents Bernier, Kevin Little, said that was retaliation:

A person’s decision to pursue civil liberties against officers should not dictate whether or not charges are filed against him…

It’s very evident that at the point he was kicked in the head he was no longer a threat to authorities. It looked like there were at least two maybe three officers attending to him on the ground.

(Source: KPSN)

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