California Cop Slams Hispanic Woman To Pavement For Selling Flowers Without Permit

Joaquina Valencia has filed a lawsuit against the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department because a deputy slammed her down on the pavement while arresting her for selling flowers outside Perris High School in California in June 2017.

According to the sheriff’s department, Valencia was selling flowers outside a high school graduation ceremony without a permit. 

Valencia and other vendors were allegedly blocking traffic by walking into the street, notes KCBS.

The sheriff’s department claims that Valencia was the only vendor who resisted when they tried to issue a citation.

Riverside county and sheriff’s department refused to comment on pending litigation.

Valencia’s attorneys said she did not give the correct name when she was stopped because she was nervous.

Valencia was originally charged with giving false information, but the district attorney dropped the charge.

(Source: KCBS)

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