California Cop Punches Man Who Called Police

Kathi Ybarra says that her husband, Ronald Ybarra, confronted a man at a Taco Bell who had stolen money from him, but it was Ronald who got punched by police on Aug. 7 in Yuba City, California.

“He confronted him and called the police department to come because the guy had cashed his check for $5,000,” Kathi told KCRA.

According to Kathi, her husband got into a scuffle with the other man while trying to detain him until the police came to the scene.

In a video of the incident, a cop is seen punching Ronald twice in the face as he stands with his hands behind his back against a patrol car. The cop forces Ronald’s arms behind his back and pushes him to the ground.

“It made me sick to my stomach. It just upset me,” Kathi recalled. “It clearly looked like he was the one assaulted — not the other way around.”

Ronald was was charged with resisting arrest and parole violations.

“If he would have attacked a police officer like they’re claiming, you know, I think they would have shot him,” Kathi added. “And I think they would have charged him with assaulting a police officer, not just resisting arrest.”

Yuba City Police Lt. Jim Runyen said: “Our officers wear body cameras and those are being reviewed for evidence. Use of force is something we take very seriously and review to make sure it’s within department policy.”

(Source: KCRA)

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