California Cop Falsely Accuses Man Of Stealing Candy, Pulls Gun On Him

An off-duty police officer falsely accused Jose Arreola of stealing a roll of Mentos candy and pulled a gun on him at a Chevron Food Mart in Buena Park, California, on March 16.

Arreola paid $1.19 for the candy and placed it in his pocket, but the officer claimed he did not, pulled a gun and forced the cashier to give Arreola his money back.

Arreola recalled the incident to The Orange County Register on May 4:

It’s been a month and I still can’t shake it. It was traumatic, the whole incident. (And) I grew up in Santa Ana. I’ve been shot at before.

Arreola said he has retained a lawyer and wants financial damages from the Buena Park department:

Are you seriously pulling a gun out over a pack of Mentos?

Buena Park Sgt. Mike Lovchi refused to comment on his officer, but said there would be an internal investigation.

(Source: The Orange County Register)

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