California Cop Criminally Charged After Killing Unarmed Woman

The San Joaquin County District Attorney charged Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Deputy Justin Wall with voluntary manslaughter for the February 2017 shooting of Evin Olsen Yadegar in Ripon, California.

Wall shot and killed Yadegar, who was unarmed, after a police chase, notes The Modesto Bee.

The incident began after Yadegar had an argument and a physical confrontation with a male security guard at a hotel. A deputy arrived at the hotel and saw Yadegar’s car leaving.

Yadegar’s husband told The Modesto Bee that she never would have would not hurt anyone, but had a bipolar disorder and was experiencing a manic episode.

After the police chase, Yadegar did not exit her Volkswagen sedan as ordered, and instead reversed a few feet and drove forward to go around a patrol vehicle that blocked her.

Wall shot Yadegar as she was driving forward.

The DA’s press release states: “At that time, Wall fired four shots at Mrs. Yadegar. None of the other officers at the scene fired their weapons… [Yadegar] was pronounced dead when she arrived at the hospital. Mrs. Yadegar had succumbed to a single fatal wound.”

Wall was placed on administrative leave on July 16, but will not be arraigned until July 30 for reasons unknown. When civilians are charged, they are arrested and arraigned as soon as possible.

(Source: The Modesto Bee)

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