California Cop Attacks Innocent Marine Vet For Filming Him

A police officer attacked a marine vet who was legally filming the officer from his porch in Vallejo, California on Jan. 22.

Officer David McLaughlin falsely accused Adrian Burrell of “interfering” with a traffic stop of Burrell’s cousin in Burrell’s own driveway.

Burrell told SFGate that he was relaxing in his home when he saw his cousin outside on his motorcycle with his hands up, and McLaughlin was crouched behind the door of his patrol car, pointing his gun at Burrell’s cousin.

Burrell said felt he should start filming in case something happened, and that’s when McLaughlin came after him:

You’re interfering with me my man? You’re interfering you’re going to get one from the back of the car.

McLaughlin then attacked Burrell, and angrily claimed he was resisting, even though Burrell calmly said he was not.

Burrell said that McLaughlin mashed his face into a wall and swung him into a pole. Burrell also recalled that McLaughlin handcuffed him so tight it broke the skin on his right hand and left his fingers numb.

McLaughlin late told Burrell, “Oh you’re a vet? You sure weren’t acting like one,” according to Burrell.

Burrell said he then went to the hospital and was diagnosed with a concussion. Burrell is still seeking treatment because his fingers remain numb from the handcuffs:

I’ve never been in a situation as a grown adult where I felt someone had took my humanity away like that. The Vallejo Police Department does have a reputation certainly in my office of being brutal and routinely using excessive force on citizens.

SFGate notes: “In 2014, David McLaughlin was named in a suit alleging that he and another officer pulled over Frederick Cooley without cause, held him at gunpoint and searched his car.”

Burrell has retained civil rights attorney John Burris, who called the case “egregious” and said the officer’s use of force was “unnecessary and unreasonable.”

(Sources: Adrian Burrell/Instagram, SFGate)

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