California Bakery Refuses To Sell Cake To Gay Couple

Tastries Bakery in Bakersfield, California is refusing to make and sell a wedding cake to a gay couple.

Sam Salazar, one half of the gay couple, wrote about the incident on Facebook on Aug. 26:

Tastries Bakery… so we just went with some friends to do a cake tasting for a wedding cake and we were referred to another bakery. Apparently they don’t “believe” in same sex marriage, so they refused to make the cake. I’m not even sure how to react or feel right now. So just be aware if you choose to spend your money there.

Tastries Bakery owner Cathy Miller told KERO:

Here at Tastries, we love everyone my husband and I our Christians and we know that God created everyone and he created everyone equal so it’s not that we don’t like people of certain groups of people there is just certain things that violate my conscience.

My conscience will not allow me to participate in things that I feel are wrong. Our business is God’s business, we work for him. Participating in the celebration of a same-sex marriage goes against my conscience. I shouldn’t be picked because of my beliefs.

As a matter of record, Miller was not asked to “participate” in the wedding ceremony.

After refusing the gay couple service, Miller said she referred them to another bakery.

In response, Brandon Rose, owner of a local photography studio, is offering his services for free to the gay couple: I’m looking forward to possibly doing their wedding and making them happy.”

(Source: KERO, Sam Salazar/Facebook)

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