CA District Attorney Declares ‘Sanctuary County for Worship and Praise’ to Help Churches Violate COVID-19 Safety Rules

District Attorney Dan Dow declared San Luis Obispo County in California to be a “sanctuary county for worship and praise” during a Fourth of July event, notes the San Luis Obispo Tribune.

Dow made his public declaration in defiance of an order, signed by California Gavin Newsom, that says people should not sing in churches as singing has been shown to spread the COVID-19 virus.

Phillip C. Song, MD, director of the Division of Laryngology at Mass. Eye and Ear, told WGBH in May how singing can spread the deadly virus:

Singers are at high risk for transmission for COVID-19, because of the amount of aerosols they have the potential to generate. That poses an extremely difficult problem in regards to group rehearsals, and since there are real-world examples of people transmitting the disease in choir practices, it’s really hard to think of a way that groups could safely perform and sing together currently.

Dow ignored science on July 4 as he made his bizarre announcement:

By the power vested in me as District Attorney of San Luis Obispo County, I declare San Luis Obispo County a sanctuary county for worship and praise in church. When we’re releasing the real criminals into our community but we’re trying to criminalize those that are dedicated to exercising their First Amendment rights, we’ve gone wrong, and I won’t allow that to happen in San Luis Obispo County while I’m the District Attorney.

Dow said on July 31 that he stood by his (anti-science) declaration:

I am firmly committed to the principle that it would be a severe injustice for my office to charge a person with a crime who has simply chosen to practice their faith by singing in church. Today in 2020, more than ever, we need more people attending their houses of worship and seeking help from the Almighty for an answer to the coronavirus.

(Sources: San Luis Obispo Tribune, WGBH, District Attorney San Luis Obispo County/YouTube)

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