Bystanders Plead With Georgia Police as They Hold 5 Black Children at Gunpoint

Police officers held six children, five of them black, at gunpoint in Clayton County, Georgia, while the kids were walking through a neighborhood on June 15.

A viral video of the incident included an explanation in the caption:

Today in Clayton County, GA a officer decided to pull his gun out on 5 black teenagers about 13-15 yrs old for going through the neighborhood cut to the store. I’m assuming he thought they were robbing a house huh? wake up people sh*t is sad it’s a cut in every hood.

On the video, a female bystander shouted at the police:

I’m sick. They can’t. Come on, now. Please! Please, sir, they’re kids. Why do you have a gun?

The cop answered: “I have to check them for myself.”

The woman replied:

But why do you have a gun? They are kids. What are they doing? What did they do wrong? This is too much! They are babies!

Clayton County Police Department posted a statement on its Facebook page on June 16:

(Sources: realist/Twitter, Clayton County Police Department/Facebook)

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