Burglar Lunges For Cop’s Gun In Wild Courtroom Scene

Scott Patrick Lemmon was caught on Lincoln County Courthouse surveillance video trying to take a gun from a police officer on Oct. 10 in Oregon.

Lemmon was in the courtroom for a hearing on charges of burglary, robbery, theft, menacing and coercion (he convicted on all counts) when he lunged for the cop’s gun, but was restrained, notes The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook:

[J]ail deputies quickly intervened and took the defendant to the ground, he was secured and returned to the jail. Due to the swift actions from the officer and deputies involved, none of the parties sustained any serious injuries, jail medical staff treated one of the deputies for minor scrapes and abrasions. The defendant was un-restrained during this court appearance.

(Source: Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office – Oregon/Facebook)

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