Buffalo Cops Threaten To Charge Man With Trespassing Twice On His Own Property

Police in Buffalo, New York, threatened to arrest Mohammad Ismail for trespassing  twice at a home that he legally purchased at an auction.

The house’s previous owner, Officer Christopher Fields, and Officer Debra A. Strobele told Ismail that he was trespassing on April 18, reports The Buffalo News.

Fields falsely claimed that the house belonged to him, and threatened to jail Ismail if he didn’t leave immediately.

Ismail was at the dilapidated house to do some repairs on his property, which he legally bought at a city auction of tax delinquent properties in 2016 for $14,000.

After being threatened by the cops, Ismail went to City Hall where he confirmed with the city’s Buildings and Inspections Department that he owned the home.  

Ismail filed a citizen’s complaint against the officers with the Buffalo Police Department on April 19.

Ismail went back to work on the house on April 23 when Strobele and a third cop  pulled up and falsely accused Ismail of trespassing.

A witness filmed this incident between Ismail and the officers.

Ismail later filed a lawsuit against the cops and the police department.

Two police sources told The Buffalo News that the police department concluded that Fields believed he was still the owner of the property, which he inherited from his grandmother, but did not know that she owed back taxes on when she died. 

(Source: The Buffalo News, Rafael Gomez via Buffalo News Video/YouTube)

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