Brain Dead Republican Explains How She Became a QAnon Conspiracy Theorist

Ashley Vanderbilt told “The View” how she went from being a dull-witted Republican to QAnon conspiracy theorist, which she eventually dropped out of (MORE VIDEO BELOW).

Vanderbilt said her transition began with a series of insane Trump videos that grew to absurd claims about child sex trafficking, which scared her because she has children.

Vanderbilt said she freaked out during the Joe Biden inauguration, believing horrible QAnon predictions would immediately happen, but did not.

Vanderbilt explained how she was relying on God for direction during this dramatic time in her life:

I think part of it was I had been praying for days leading up to the inauguration. Granted in the back of my mind as I’m praying,

I was thinking about what I thought was correct, but either way I had just been praying to God and asking for Him to reveal the truth to me and to the country and to the world, and then obviously when President Biden was sworn in and nothing went to how I thought it was going to go, it was an indicator that, okay. So, we were wrong.

Then going into the groups and hearing that they were talking about March 4th, I was just, like, “that just doesn’t make sense.” I don’t know how a president can be sworn in, and then not be the president anymore.

I just want [QAnon believers] to know that life outside of that group is nowhere near as scary as what it seems, and there is a lot of people that are starting to understand, you know, what we’re thinking in that group, and there’s a lot of support offered, and so many people are offering to be a soft place to land….

[QAnon believers have a chance to] leave all that disappointment and anger and lies and come be with me and so many friends that I have made that are so supportive and they’re offering so much encouragement.

(Sources: ABC-TV via Daily Motion, ABC-TV via Daily Motion)

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